LIFESTYLE 2015 # Italian excellence

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LIFESTYLE 2015 # Italian excellence

Yes, Italy is replete with ruins and art and scenery galore, but it’s nearly impossible to think of the country without thinking of its food. In addition to the countless restaurants, there are plenty of food and wine experiences to silence your hunger pangs when in Il Bel Paese, but—whether you live here or not—there’s nothing quite like recreating the flavors of La Cucina Italiana at home. From a proper Ligurian pesto to a baccalà mantecato the true Veneto way to a veritable Sicilian caponata, the essence of Italian cuisine lies in all the regional differences. With Christmas just around the corner, Swide shares ten of the best Italian cookbooks that not only make excellent stocking stuffers for your Italian food aficionado loved ones, but are also the perfect way to pat yourself on the back for a year well done.


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